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October 26th, 2018 11:17 AM
People frequently ask me how to get better rankings on their websites, and often they're already using a lot of really good SEO practices.

This is where blogging becomes incredibly useful.

Blogs provide multiple good SEO practices all rolled into one convenient package: you get new content posted to your site on a regular basis; the content you're posting is different / new / unique; it's relevant to people in your area for local SEO or your market for national or global SEO; and, if written well, it will bring repeat visitors to your site, which boosts your organic traffic rankings.

So, if this is such a great idea, why aren't more people doing it? Well, let's face it – most people either don't like writing, aren't loquacious enough, can't think of good topics, can't make their topics interesting, etc.
Believe me, I understand this completely; I hate writing blog posts myself.
However, that segues into my next point: even if you don't like writing blog posts, do you loathe it enough to prevent bringing in new business? Seriously, doesn't the thought of getting a lot of new customers give you at least a little motivation to do something you don't enjoy thoroughly?
Also, keep in mind your blog can be about almost anything. Take this one for example - it's a blog about blogging (which is super-meta without the need for meta tags! Sorry, couldn't resist the pun). What does this blog post have to do with real-estate, appraising, anime, or hedgehogs? Absolutely nothing! And kudos to those who figured out I linked to something completely irrelevant within my previous irrelevant statement. BUT! It should, at the very least, provide some useful insight to people and, if those people find it useful enough, they'll hopefully come back to read some more of my eclectic ramblings in the future, and that will overall increase my site's ranking.

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