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December 13th, 2018 10:01 AM
Energy drinks today are all the rage. You can get your caffeine fix along with some vitamins and some other, slightly more questionably healthy supplements. Best of all, you now have myriad brands and flavors at your disposal, so even if you don't care for one, there's bound to be another which soothes your palate.

My current favorite are the Monster Hydro "Purple Passion" flavor bottles. It's like a grape Popsicle (or grape Kool-Aid) on speed. The only downside is that, without carbonation, it's really easy to drink the whole thing in a very short period of time and then be tempted to get another, and we all know consuming multiples a day isn't really in your best interests!

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Posted by Tim Holloway on December 13th, 2018 10:01 AMView Comments (2)

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